How to Use a Body Mask Effectively

How to Use a Body Mask Effectively

A body mask is a great way to cleanse, firm, get glowing skin and remove the dead layer of skin all over the body. There are specific steps that will make the treatment more effective.

Most spas that offer body masks on their treatment menu offer a number of different kinds which target a range of specific skin issues. Depending on the ingredients in a body mask, it can offer a number of different skin benefits. While most masks will cleanse the skin, some are particularly useful for moisturizing the skin while others are ideal for detoxifying the skin.

If you use a body mask at home, remember to avoid irritated skin and any wounds that are still in the healing process. Take a hot shower or bath prior to applying the body mask so that your skin is cleansed and soft. After shower, you should apply the body mask to whatever areas you want. All you need is full coverage don’t glob it on in layers, this is a waste of product. It is generally advised to use only a thin layer of the mask. Leave it on skin until the body mask dries. The body mask is on 20-30 minutes or as product instructions.

This will also help to open the pores, allowing the mask to sink as deeply as possible into the skin.

The mask is removed by rinsing with warm water (without soap). The substances from the body mask which have penetrated into pours are effective for several hours after treatment. Use towel for drying the skin. Skin can be moisturized after treatment with moisturizer, neutral skin lotion or your routine skin care regimen.

A body mask treatment can be repeated once a week, but be sure to follow the instructions on the package. Everybody’s skin responds differently, so you will need to be the judge on how often to do a body mask.

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