How to Use a Bath Bomb

How to Use a Bath Bomb

A bath bomb is a feel-good concoction that you use in a bath for ultimate pleasure. Just one dip and doesn’t that feel good? Here’s how to use one of these fizzy wonders.

  1. Get a bath bomb. Bath bombs, also know as bath fizzes, are usually spherical in shape, although you can find other styles. They have a great color and smell…hmm…and they tend to look slightly granular up close.How to Use a Bath Bomb Pic 1
  2. Run a tub of warm, soothing water. It’s not recommended to use bubbles as you cannot see the water when you have all those bubbles!How to Use a Bath Bomb Pic 2
  3. Once you have enough water, get in the tub with the bath bomb. Don’t let it get wet yet.How to Use a Bath Bomb Pic 3
  4. Hold the bath bomb above the water and drop it in.How to Use a Bath Bomb Pic 4
  5. Enjoy the wonderfully relaxing fizz of the bomb!How to Use a Bath Bomb Pic 5


  • Smell the bath bomb before you buy to make sure it is a scent you would absolutely not mind at all enveloping you into happiness.
  • As said before, make sure you do not get it wet while getting into the bathtub.
  • Make sure its a bath bomb and not soap or something else.
  • Enjoy!


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