Guide to Use Massage Oil at Home

Guide to Use Massage Oil at Home

Naturally thinking massage oils are the mainstay of many Professional Therapists and Spas in Europe and Asia, but they aren’t just for therapists and professionals, but can be used by all to perform a massage on a loved one, family member, friend or somebody in need. Many professional massage therapists use aromatherapy massage oil to help their client relax, the same type of massage oil can also be used at home.

Step 1 Always read instructions first. Many massage oils require diluting when in use. When buying massage oil in bulk you may need to use a separate container to dilute the amount of oil you are using, instead of diluting the whole bottle. This will help extend the shelf life of the oil.

Step 2 Avoid over applying oil. Just apply a little oil as you go to avoid making the skin to slippery.

Step 3 Never apply oil directly to the skin, always apply a little to your hands and lightly rub them together to warm the oil. Cold oil can be shocking on your massage partner?s skin, always warm first.

Step 4 Begin massaging the oil into the skin. A massage can be done in many ways.

For a basic massage, you can apply mild to moderate pressure while kneading the skin like bread dough or you can simply rub the skin in small or long strokes.

Step 5 Ask the person receiving the massage for feedback. They can advise you as to whether they would prefer soft or hard kneading and whether they prefer fast or slow strokes.

Simple natural massage techniques are effective, but if you want to learn more there are thousands of massage books available from retailers to perform home massage.

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