Dos and Don’ts for Skin Exfoliation

Dos and Don'ts for Skin ExfoliationUse of natural skin exfoliation not only ads glow and beauty to your skin but also increases the blood circulation of your body. It also reduces wrinkles and tones the skin, thereby, eliminating pigmentation.

Many people commit mistakes when scrubbing their skin. This is why damages tend to occur in the deeper layers of the dermis. It is imperative that you know how to properly exfoliate your skin to maintain its smoothness and to prevent damages from occurring.

Listed below are some do’s and don’ts that you should follow while exfoliating:


  • Dampen your skin first before anything else. That being said, the best time to use body or facial scrubs is when you are bathing. Scrubbing dry skin is actually the most common mistake people make. If you make this mistake, the upper layers of your dermis can get damaged.
  • Use sun protection. Exfoliation can make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure. Also, don’t exfoliate immediately before extended sun exposure, as this can lead to irritation and redness.


  • Don’t scrub too hard or you risk breaking the skin.
  • Don’t exfoliate more than 2-3 times a week. Because exfoliation is considered a deep cleaning, excessive exfoliation can actually make your skin look worse.

    Redness and irritation are common if you exfoliate too much. Don’t make exfoliation a daily part of your skincare routine.

  • Don’t exfoliate immediately after waxing or after a chemical peel.
  • Don’t use washcloths or sponges to exfoliate. Using your bare hand is your best bet to apply exfoliating scrubs. Washcloths and sponges absorb anything they come in contact with and remain damp harboring old skin cells and bacteria.
  • Don’t use a body scrub to exfoliate your facial skin.

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