How to Select the Right Massage Oils

How to Select the Right Massage Oils

Massage oils are an indispensable part of a good massage for several reasons. The most obvious of these is that they reduce friction, allowing the recipient to have a more enjoyable experience. Also, the oils are absorbed by the skin along with any beneficial nutrients they contain. While massaging improves circulation and revives the skin from the inside, the oil moisturizes it from without. Certain fragrances are believed to promote feelings of passion, which makes them ideal ingredients in massage oil.

Whether you’re looking to have or give a full body massage or concentrate on certain areas it’s important to select the right massage oils to assist you in providing great overall massage therapy. When selecting the right oil, there are several different things to consider, looking at each item is important before making your selection.

The most widely used oils are olive, almond, grape seed, avocado, wheat germ, rosehip, and evening primrose. Each different type has specific benefits, but can also cause problems for different people. It is important to make sure all allergens are considered before using any type of oil in regards to massage.

Sweet almond Oil is the most common massage oil as it has a good consistency and provides appropriate assistance when giving and receiving a massage.

Grape seed oil is a great alternative that is sometimes used and has a lighter consistency. It is one of the most common types and is great for those that have skin reactions to other types, and is often seen used in conjunction with infants and babies. Olive oil is not just for cooking; it’s used a lot of times in regards to massage. It is unlikely to cause allergic reactions and is often less expensive than other oils and offers a great overall nutrition for skin. It is thick oil and has been touted as being sticky at times. Avocado oil is rich oil used for more mature skin or dry skin. It has been stated that it is not recommended for those that have acne or skin problems. It is too rich for that skin type. Wheat germ oil is vitamin E rich oil that can help skin that has been damaged by the sun. Rosehip oil is a great oil to help those that have sunburn or scarred skin due to acne. Evening primrose is great for menopausal women, and should not be used on any woman who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. This type of oil has a high hormonal content.


oil is also light, but some might consider it to be too light. It is good to use on acne. Sunflower oil is light and odorless, but goes bad quickly. Apricot kernel oil, on the other hand, has a very long shelf life, and is good to use if you’re planning to keep the oil for a long time. Avocado oil makes an excellent moisturizer if the person you’re working on has very dry skin, but it is also quite heavy.

Essential oils are reputed to have aphrodisiac powers. Among the most popular of these are cinnamon, orange, and ylang ylang. When combined, the aroma therapeutic power of these oils is said to magnify. Whether or not you believe these claims, you will definitely enjoy the romantic blend of spice, citrus, and floral notes these oils create.

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