Benefits of Frangipani Essential Oil

Benefits of Frangipani Essential Oil

There are a number of unique benefits to frangipani essential oil. In addition to their natural aging skin care properties, these products are also used extensively in aromatherapy. Many of the most luxurious spa treatments make use of frangipani as a relaxation material, because it has the ability to help people retain their calm, and even a new sense of grounding and self.

Frangipani tree is known as the “Tree of Life” and highly regarded for centuries for its healing powers. Frangipani essential oil has a prominent place in aromatherapy due to the scent’s rejuvenating qualities for the mind and body when the essence is inhaled. In addition, it is believed that aromatherapy with frangipani oil effects deep internal cleansing that refreshes the body, mind and soul.

The romantic scent of frangipani essential oil can last for many long hours due to its high concentration and originally strong aroma and is used in high class perfumery. Its scent encourages a sensual and almost provocative response due to its rich and exotic floral smell and is popular among high-class people.

Aside from its magnificent scent, frangipani essential oil is highly regarded for its amazing benefits to the skin and hair. Frangipani essential oil can also be used in cosmetics, massage oil, bath and beauty products as it serves as a perfect skin care because of its age defying effects.

It helps in revitalizing the skin and hair, and gives optimum moisture. It is easily absorbed by the skin thereby making the skin healthier, smoother and softer. It also provides protection against the harmful UV-rays of the sun.

Frangipani essence oil is used in the bath, in massage oils and creams and in various beauty products for natural skin care that defies the aging process. The ability of the essence to increase self awareness and inner peace has drawn people to it to ease stress and anxiety and revive their spirits. Natural Frangipani is also used in skin care in creams and lotions due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The anti-inflammatory properties of the frangipani essential oil are known to relieve inflammation, back pain, headache and Tinnitus among others.

Frangipani essential oil is used favorably during and after baths. The rejuvenation experience is sensational to all the senses in the body and offers a tranquil and personal atmosphere. It will instantly relieve stress and replenish the mind and body.

During massages, the combined aromatherapy scent of frangipani essential oil and its moisturizing properties makes it perfect to rub on the skin. It is an incomparable sensual experience that’s sure to regain confidence and self-esteem most especially for women.

It also soothes and relaxes nerves and muscles of the body.

A few drops of scented frangipani oil in the bathtub, for example, will heighten your senses and give you that same feeling of renewal that you would achieve in the spa. In addition, many natural health care products incorporate this essential ingredient in their skin care products. It can help clarify and tone skin.

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