Benefits of Using Soap Nut Shampoo on Hair

Benefits of Using Soap Nut Shampoo on Hair

Soap nuts grow in tropical and warm climatic conditions and indigenous to South East Asia. Ayurveda, the ancient medicine, has ranked soap nut highly in its list of popular herbs as well as minerals. The people value the skin of soap nut fruit greatly and use it in the form of a shampoo to wash their hair. In Ayurveda, soap nut is utilized in the form of a vital constituent in shampoos and cleansers.

Moreover, this herb is also used for treating a number of skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema and also to remove freckles. In addition, soap nut possesses mild insecticidal attributes and, hence, is also employed to eliminate lice from the scalp. It has the good detergent and cleaning property. Apart from using it as a detergent, people also use soap nuts to cure skin diseases such as dandruff, lost of hair, whelks, acne and splashes on skin.

Soap nuts are a natural cleaning agent that has been used for ages to clean hair even before shampoo was discovered. It is an excellent natural shampoo that cleans dirt and oil from hair thoroughly and gives is a glossy appearance and adds volume. It also helps in conditioning the hair so that there is minimum tangling and breakage.

Soap nut shampoo does not damage your hair or skin and can be used regularly.

As soap nut possesses a soap-like attribute, it is used to prepare cleansing lotion, shampoo, protein shampoo as well as protein shampoo added with conditioner. This fruit encloses elevated amounts of saponin. In addition, it is also anti-bacterial, a cleanser and a gentle foaming agent. Soap nut is pulverized into a powder and used for cleansing hair, skin. People with allergy and skin diseases are advised to use the soap nut for bathing because of the anti-microbial properties of the saponin.

It is a popular herb to use because it is a completely natural way of shampooing hair or cleansing skin. Completely free from metals, toxins, additives, artificial colours, preservatives. Soap nuts are safe for people with sensitive skin, because they do not contain irritants or foaming agents like SLSs.

Soap nuts do not have any side effects on scalp, hair and skin of humans. But this product must be used under special care as it has insecticidal properties that can sting the eyes. You must avoid direct eye contact with soap nuts. Otherwise, you will land up with allergies and swollen eyelids. If you observe rashes, itching or any other troubles on skin or hair then you must stop using the product immediately.

Soap nuts should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Soap nuts are not consumable and can be harmful if ingested.

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