Benefits of Using Cold Process Handmade Soap

Benefits of Using Cold Process Handmade Soap

Cold process handmade soap is also sometimes called Lye Soap. It is created by mixing lye & water with fats & oils, then mixed briskly. The lye reacts chemically with the oil mixture in a process called saponification, meaning to turn into soap. The soap is allowed to sit for a minimal a month to cure, which finalizes the saponification process. When all ingredients are properly measured and mixed, the final product is gentle and beneficial for your skin.

Most commercial soaps are detergents. They contain lathering agents to make them act like soap, along with some other nastiest best to avoid, and are anything but good for your skin. When soap making was industrialized, the most efficient way to make it involved heating it to the point where the glycerin that’s naturally formed during the saponification process separated out. That worked out fine for the soap manufacturers, as glycerin is highly profitable by itself and can be sold to other companies to make lotions and moisturizers – which are now desperately needed since our skin is all dried out by washing it with harsh detergents. Antibacterial and antimicrobial soaps sometimes contain a chemical called triclosan, which is also used in some pesticides and is known to cause cancer.


cold process handmade soap contains no harsh chemicals or artificial dyes, which are absorbed into your skin through your pores with regular detergent-like soap from the super store. The ingredients are all natural. Therefore only natural ingredients are being absorbed into your skin with the cold process soap option.

The number one benefit of cold process handmade soap is that choosing oils, vitamins and herbs want to add to create a perfect bar of soap that is good for any type of skin. The second benefit is that no artificial or harsh ingredients are added in the soap. Sometimes, soap dye is added to give color to it. But, even that can be created using natural ingredients like herbs.

The cold process handmade soap generally cost more than the detergent bars you’ll find at the super store. But the difference is these soap bars are actually good for your skin. If skin care is your primary concern or if your skin tends to be very sensitive, then go with cold process soaps.

Our cold process handmade soaps are cost effective, smell great, are made from simple, natural ingredients and still contain that wonderful glycerin.

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