Benefits of Kaffir Lime Body Scrub

Benefits of Kaffir Lime Body Scrub

The kaffir lime body scrub is known as being antibacterial to help cleanse and purify your skin and leave your skin with a fresh, clean scent. Use the kaffir lime scrub all over your body, after your bath treatment with a light application of the body scrub to impart a radiant, healthy glow to your skin.

The kaffir has essential oils which are incorporated into various ointments as well. The essential oils are often extracted from the limes and leaves to produce skin care products, such as body scrub. The rind itself serves as an ingredient in many medicinal tonics which are believed to be beneficial for the blood. The extract of the kaffir lime helps increase the circulation of the blood and like all members of the citrus family acts anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

The astringent effect of kaffir lime essential oil finds its use in body scrub products aimed at treating acne and acne scars. Antioxidant properties of the kaffir lime essential oil in body scrub can help reverse signs of aging and fight free radical damage. Other therapeutic properties of lime essential oil are antimicrobial, antifungal, antiallergenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic.

The essential oils in the lime, thought to have therapeutic benefits, with the added benefit that the lime aroma is believed to have a positive mental uplifting effect.

Many believe that use of the kaffir lime in this manner will refresh a person’s mental outlook and also keep away evil spirits. Moreover, this lime is a natural deodorizer with a wonderful scent of citrus blossoms.

Try scrub your skin with the kaffir lime body scrub after your bath water and feel the refreshing and rejuvenating enjoyment it invites while successfully helping you to relax both your body and spirit.

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